Enhancing Quality of Life

I promise to continue to support supplemental sanitation services in downtown Flushing and continue my efforts to work with community groups to help keep our community clean. I plan to continue my efforts to help clean up Flushing Creek (while recognizing that steps need to be taken at the federal and state levels), and be an active member for our local FAA roundtable to address airplane noise.


Protecting Seniors

This year’s budget negotiations had a theme of “Year of the Senior.” While as a whole the City Council was able to obtain many victories, including securing additional funding for our senior centers and programs, I think that we need to remember that every year is the “Year of the Senior.” As this population continues to age and grow, we must make sure that our city has the infrastructure and services ready to meet their needs. This means additional funding for senior centers, senior services, and securing affordable housing options for them.


Improving Quality of Education

During my time in office, I have secured over $21 million in capital funds to support our local schools. Additional funding was secured for after school programming, in school program, and other educational efforts. I believe that we must do everything we can to create a strong foundation for our students and a safe environment for them to learn. For me, this means continuing to work with our local principals to understand the needs of their schools, and working with agencies like DOT to ensure that the streets around each school are safe to travel.


Better Public Safety

I pledge to continue working with my local police precinct to build a stronger relationship between the community and the police, and to continue pushing for more police officers on the streets. However, the most important part is making sure that the community and the NYPD are communicating with each other and addressing issues as they arise. My staff and I have often acted as a liaison between the two parties, especially when language issues arise, and hope to continue building that relationship to benefit our entire community.


Better Transportation

We have been able to repave major roads in our district, and are upgrading the infrastructure of Main Street. However, I know there’s still a lot to do and a lot more roads to repave. The study that I funded with the Regional Plan Association will help address issues with transportation not only in our district, but also the districts and communities around us that impact us. I plan on being an active participant in that study, and encouraging my community to do the same as we embark on this 12-18 month long process. I also plan to continuing working with the NYC DOT, and the MTA, to find better solutions for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic flow.


Protecting Small Businesses

I will continue to support policies that help our small businesses survive. As a small business owner myself, I understand that there are many challenges to running a business in New York City. I also want to continue to connect small businesses with agencies and the multitude of resources that exist but that they may not know about. During the past few months alone, I worked with SBS, DOB and OATH to educate small businesses about resources available to them and hope to continue to do so as they are the backbone of our local economy.



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